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Juice Cartel E-liquids 60ml

Juice Cartel E-liquids 60ml

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Cartel Cola

Its a scorching hot day in Australia & honestly who wants JUST ice cream on its own? A huge scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream dumped in your cold glass then pour over a nice big dose of refreshingly smooth cola to stop those taste buds melting!!


“Death By Donut”

This donut is begging for a dunk, except you can’t dunk this deliciousness! D.B.D will leave you licking your lips and wanting more! Fresh steamy cinnamon donuts - YUM

Fresh Press

A juicy green mango paired with a citrus splash of sweet pomelo & ripe mandarin pressed with just a hint of fresh lemon making this the perfect summer vape.

Alexander The Grape

Remember those grape bubblegum reels you used to get as a kid!? Well vaping this is like shoving the whole god damn reel in your mouth!

Pash On Ice

Beautifully ripe Passion fruit with crisp Fuji Apple on a bed of ice topped with fizzy sherbet , simply delectable.

Jake The Musk

This juice packs a punch & will knock you back to your childhood milk bar days, True to the name we are proud to bring you our latest creation based on the all time favourite, Musk Sticks !

We must warn you its rather moorish, and all our guinea pigs agreed ‘it tastes like musk sticks, only better!


Succulent pomegranates paired with juicy mangoes & a dash of raspberry! This juice is sure to make you want to POGO!

Pash No Ice

Beautifully ripe Passion fruit with crisp Fuji Apple topped with fizzy sherbet , simply delectable. (NO COOLING/MENTHOL)