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Bogan Brews E-liquids 60ml

Bogan Brews E-liquids 60ml

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Fair Dinkum

A few apples, bit of peach and just a few berries combine for a bonza vape that goes down easier than a cold beer in summer.

Coorong Cola

Cola, bloody cola! A hard candy cola vape with a refreshing fizzy finish.

Six 'n' Out

Lush lychees at the stumps and blackcurrants in the outfield.

Ridgy Didge

Ridgy Didge rings true its name, with a chewy oatmeal cookie iced with a lemony citrus tinged icing. It's not sickly sweet either, perfect for those days you're craving a sweet down the shops.

The Duck's Nuts

The Duck's Nuts is a cherry jam filled doughnut, bursting with sweetness and topped off with savoury doughnut fresh baked from the oven.

Bloody Ripper

Too right mate, Ripper is a raspberry and pineapple sour.