All orders placed within Australia with value of $65 or more are automatically shipped by Express Post without shipping fees


How much do you charge for shipping? 

Orders over $65 within Australia ship free by express post. Shipping charges for orders under $65 are flat rate of $7 standard post or $10 for express post.

Orders from NZ over $100 AUD will ship free of charge by standard shipping. Shipping charges for orders under $100 AUD are calculated by weight & your location at checkout.

Orders from all other countries, shipping charges are calculated by weight & your location at checkout. 

When will my order ship?

Generally all orders placed & paid for before 12pm on business days (excluding public holidays in TAS) will ship same day. Orders placed after 12pm or on weekend or public holiday will ship the next business day.

**Unfortunately we can't 'guarantee' same day shipping, as higher volumes of orders or other circumstances do sometimes prevent us from being able to do so. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Do your e-liquids contain nicotine?

No. None of our e-liquids/e-juices contain nicotine, as it is illegal to sell e-liquids/e-juices containing nicotine in Australia.


Why don't you have any product images on your site?

The laws introduced in Tasmania prohibit the display of product images on our website. See below

I draw your attention to sections 3 and 70 of the Act which prohibit and define advertising of personal vaporiser products including e-cigarettes and e-juice in Tasmania.

70. Display of smoking product advertisements, &c. (1) A person must not display, publish or broadcast a smoking product advertisement so that it can be seen or heard in or from a public place. Penalty: Fine not exceeding – (a) for a first offence, 50 penalty units; and (b) for a subsequent offence, 200 penalty units.

Smoking Product Advertisement: means writing, a still or moving picture, a sign, symbol or other visual image, or visual message, an audible message, or a combination of 2 or more visual images, visual messages or audible messages, that gives publicity to, or otherwise promotes or is intended to promote – (a) the purchase or use of any smoking product; or (b) the trademark or brand name, or part of a trademark or brand name, of any smoking product;

Publish includes – (a) publish material in a printed format which is available to the public; or (b) publish material by any electronic means; or (c) publish material by radio or television transmission; or (d) provide material in a cinematographic film or videotape which is available to the public; or (e) provide material in a book or sound recording which is available to the public; or (f) make known to the public in any other manner or by any other means;

smoking product means either or both of the following: (a) any tobacco product; (b) any personal vaporiser product;

personal vaporiser product means any of the following, other than an exempt device: (a) an electronic cigarette, or a device, object or product, that – (i) with or without modification, is capable of heating any substance into an aerosol, mist or vapour which is inhaled into a person's body; and (ii) has one or more of the following parts: (a) a battery; (b) an electronic heating element; (c) a cartridge or container capable of holding a substance; (b) each part of an electronic cigarette, or a device, object or product, referred to in paragraph (a) ; (c) a substance or item apparently intended, with or without modification, to be used in connection with an electronic cigarette, or a device, object or product, referred to in paragraph (a) ; (d) a device, object, or product, that is prescribed by the regulations to be a personal vaporiser product;

Source: Public Health Act (1997) available at