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888 Vapes Australia Premium E-juices

Handcrafted in Tasmania, where the air is so clean & pure it's good enough to bottle. We offer a variety of different juices in our range to cater to all tastes.

We also have available icy cold variants for 8 of the fruit flavours in our range: Chill'd Killer Mango, Chill'd Morning Glory, Chill'd Summer Daze, Chill'd Red Mist, Chill'd Green'd Out, Chill'd Mr Pink, Chill'd Blooper & Chill'd Purple Haze. These are a popular choice in summer, or anytime if you love cold juices!  

Enough from us, check out some of the flavour profiles & reviews for our juices to help you decide which ones you want to try out first!


**All of our e-juices contain zero nicotine. We only use palm oil free VG. 

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